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Do I need a Medical Prescription?

Yes. We operate a medical device approved by the FDA and to be operated we need a medical prescription written by a Medical Doctor, and we are also required to have a Medical Director working with us.

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Can I bring my own prescription?

Yes, as long as it is written by a Medical Doctor.

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What is the Colon?

The colon, or the large intestine, is the end portion of the human digestive tract (food carrying passageway extending from the mouth to the anus). The colon is approximately 5 feet long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The length of the gastro-intestinal tract is between 28 and 30 feet, with a surface area of nearly 6,000 square feet. Its major functions are to absorb water, nutrients, and to eliminate waste.

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Is Colon Therapy embarrassing?

While you rest in the privacy of the colon room, the therapist will gently insert a small tube into the rectum, the tubing carries the warm filtered water in and out of any gently pressurized system - no mess, no fuss, no odor - in fact, a very relaxing experience for most people. A professional certified therapist monitors the temperature and pressure of the water. You are completely covered during the entire procedure, resting comfortably on the table.

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What happens to the colon during the cleansing process?

1).  Removal of toxic waste:     Even debris build up over a long period is gently, but surely removed. Once impacted material is removed, healthy bacteria is encouraged to thrive in a healthy environment.

2).  Exercises the colon muscles:      The build up of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs its functioning. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon with water, improves peristaltic (muscular contraction) activity by which the colon naturally moves material.

3).  Stimulates reflex points:      Every system and organ of the body is connected to the colon by reflex points. A colonic irrigation stimulates these points thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way - similar to reflexology.

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What should I expect after the colon therapy session?

You will probably feel lighter and have a sense of well being. Most people are especially pleased with the sensation of feeling cleaned and clear afterward. Colon Therapy does not interfere with your scheduled day.

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Is one colon therapy session enough to cleanse the colon?

Most people have a considerable amount of impacted material in their colon. As you become more aware of what is going on in your abdomen and as your body learns to allow the cleansing experience, you are able to enter into that process and therefore more material is released. One colon therapy session will remove some of the stagnant waste in the colon. The second and subsequent colon therapy sessions will remove more matter.

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How many Colon Therapy sessions are suggested?

Often the waste is so hard and deeply lodged in the colon that it may take a series of colonics to sufficiently soften and loosen fecal matter. The number of treatments varies with each individual and his/her condition. A personal assessment to suit your needs will be done. On average, 5 to 10 colon irrigations are suggested, sometimes more sessions are needed, depending on how each person assesses themselves. It is suggested to start with approximately two a week and that will vary accordingly to the needs of each person.

The first two sessions are suggested to be performed on two consecutive days, the first session we soak the mater inside the colon and the second session is easier for the body to dislodge more matter than the first day because the matter is not dehydrated.

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Will colonics disturb the normal intestinal flora?

Accumulation of encrusted feces in the colon makes it impossible for the glands to produce the necessary intestinal flora, increasing constipation. Cleansing the colon helps bring the acid-alkaline ratio back into balance, allowing friendly bacteria to thrive, while inhibiting disease-causing organisms. Probiotic formulas can be beneficial to reintroduce friendly bacteria into the colon.

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Is colon therapy habit forming?

No. The purpose of cleansing the colon is to allow it to relax, rejuvenate, and promote better peristalsis. The colon can not heal when it is constantly working to get rid of accumulated wastes, gases, and poisons.

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What about getting a colon therapy as part of a fasting program? Is it better to get it at the beginning or end of the fast?

Whenever you do anything that increases the rate at which toxins are released into the bloodstream, it is essential that you eliminate whatever you can through the colon. If you don't, you may unnecessarily experience increased discomforts of toxemia (poisonous toxins in the bloodstream). Instead of being expelled from your body, toxins may merely recalculate and settle elsewhere in organs, muscles, and tissues. A knowledgeable colon therapist can be of great assistance during any cleansing program. You may find it beneficial to schedule a colonic at the beginning of your fast and ask the therapist to comment upon your plan.

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Rebuilding After Colon Hydro-Therapy

Following the initial program it is advisable to have a series of two or tree colon therapy sessions four times a year (or as the seasons change) to maintain optimal colon health. The client is urged to come in between maintenance sessions if necessary. After cleansing, a rebuilding diet is essential to properly restore healthy tissues and energy. All of the beneficial results of colon hydro-therapy will have a lasting effect unless a health-building diet is followed. The basic food guidelines are:

  • Eat more fresh, raw food.
  • Eat more natural foods (unprocessed, untampered and organically grown).
  • Eat whole foods instead of refined and adulterated foods.
  • Eat a low fat diet, with lots of unrefined carbohydrates.
  • Eat slowly, chew well and do not overeat.
  • Drink half your weight in ounces, of purified water daily. Sip it during the day and during meals. It is best if you drink water 1 to 1 1/2 before or 2 hours after meals.

Also known as "Colonic Irrigation", Colon Hydro-therapy, Colon Therapy, or Colon Lavage, is a safe and effective method of gently cleansing the colon of waste material by the repeated gentle flushing of water.

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Why Colon Hydro-Therapy May Be For You

Are you seeking to prevent ill health or improve your sense of well being?

Do you experience: ~ Constipation
~ Gas
~ Bloating
~ Heartburn
~ Bad Breath
~ Sinus Congestion
~ Allergies
~ Skin Problems
Are You? ~ Tired
~ Irritable
~ Aching in muscles or joints
~ Depressed
~ Craving sugars
~ Forgetful

Indications for Colon Irrigation: ~ Constipation
~ Diarrhea
~ Sluggish colon (Atonic)
~ Impaction or Autointoxication (due to poor bowel patters)
~ Bowel training - Para / Quadriplegic
~ Preparation for diagnostic study of the large intestine:
  • Barium Enema
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
~ Surgery (Pre & Post op)

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Are There Contraindications To Colon Hydro-Therapy?

If you have been diagnosed with, or suspect you have any of the following, Colon HydroTherapy may not be right for you:

  • Abdominal Hernia
  • Abdominal Surgery in the last year
  • Carcinoma of the Colon
  • Chrohnís Disease
  • Dialysis Patient
  • Diverticulitis
  • Fissures and Fistulas
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Intestinal Perforation
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Pregnant
  • If you have ANY questions about your health, please discuss it with the Colon Hydro-Therapist or your healthcare provider BEFORE you have the colonic.

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Analogy of a Toxic Body

When the main line of the sewer of your house is blocked, all the lines in the house will back-up and eventually the smell of the house will be terrible, the house will flood with fecal matter. When you clean the main line, the house will go back to normal, the smell will be gone.

We take out of the garbage from our house everyday, but what would happen if we do not take it out for 4 months and keep it in the bedrooms? We would have to run away from the house so we would not be asphyxiated inside the house.

Therefore, we ought to see our body as our house, and remember that it creates toxins; if these are not eliminated properly, when the new cells of the body are born they will develop in an infected area and will be more liable to mutate or die, thus starting the degeneration process of the body and resulting in very serious problems.

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What is the difference between closed and open systems?

The major difference is the safety and effectiveness of the colonic. The Closed system is the preferred method. This offers the ability to create a siphon effect. This can be view like siphoning water from a tank. The tubing must remain full of water at all times. This also allows the colon to be soaking in water at all time during the colonic. This gives time for the fecal matter to become hydrated and soften and be removed safety and effectively. By creating the siphon effect, it is like having a pump to aid in pulling the fecal matter out. The closed system provides this siphon effect in addition to the proper equipment to monitor the colon pressure on both the inflow and out flow of water.

An open system does not keep the colon filled with water during the entire session which does not keep the fecal matter soaking. This is very important. It also has no siphon effect to draw out the water or matter. There is no Colon therapy equipment on the market with pumps to create a vacuum or siphon effect. Only blowing the matter once the colon has become full and can not any longer hold the water. This also allows air to build up in the colon. This causes a bloating effect.

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Is there a difference between gravity flow and a Colon Hydrotherapy system?

Yes, most differently. Both in the definition by federal law and the use and the effect.

A gravity flow system is a Class l and is defined in 876.5210 as a Enema Kit, which is over the counter and does not need a prescription. But this is just to clean the lower bowel and does not have the ability to do the entire colon.

They are to say they are giving a Enema and not a Colonic. A colonic or Colon Hydrotherapy is reserved for a Colon Irrigation system classification ll as defined in the Federal Law 876.5220.

Telling someone they are being given a colonic on a Class l device is defined by Federal Law as "OFF MARKET LABELING" Like selling someone a aspirin to cure heart disease.

These laws can be looked up on the FDA website under the above statute number.

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What is it like to have a colonic?

The best way to describe what it is like to have a colonic can best be explained by the following video:

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Good rule of thumb: If you can't pronounce or understand the ingredients - DON’ T EAT IT!

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