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Natural Life Center Corporation is not responsible for the testimonials in this page. These are the sole testimonials of the people that want to share their story. Any personal information shared with the Narural Life Center will NOT be shared, sold, traded or used in any other way than the post their testimony with their first name and last initial and to keep a confidential copy on file of the person that shared their testimonial to prove that is their story and Natural Life Center or Bertha Maria Cadena are not misleading nor adding anything to it.

Edwin Y.
I had NO Energy! I was under enormous stress at work, I could not sleep, and my health was suffering because of all of it. Things were so messed up I did not get positive results until my third Colonic visit with Bertha and an Energy session at EESystems. I continue to have periodic colonic sessions at the Natural Life Center to keep things going well.

Sherri S.
My experience doing a colonic with Bertha for the first time was awesome. I was very nervous and she made me feel very comfortable. After just 2 colonics I had more energy and felt lighter. I could really feel a difference! I slept better at night and just felt like a new person. I recommend her highly-u will feel replenished!




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